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Note:  this is not the yellow topped storage container, or the actual dividers themselves.  This is a digital file that contains files that allow you to make your own dividers.


Hi everyone!  For 2023 we wanted to get serious about our storage and organization in the workshop.  We decided the best way to do that was take small steps, and do small things, that would all build up and make a big difference in the end.  One of the things we did is pick up some heavy duty storage containers from Lowes.  These are great, but they needed some dividers, so we made some!  This file contains templates so you can make your own dividers for the yellow topped 27 gallon storage containers.  There are 3 different file types, .dxf, .svg, and .ai, and within each file are 3 different divider options.  One for 1/4", one for 1/2", and one for 3/4", so you can make the dividers with what you have available.  Enjoy!



Check out the youtube video about the dividers here:


Yellow Top, 27 gallon storage container dividers templates

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