Fall is arguably one of the best times of the year.  The leaves changing, the cool breeze in the air, and if you are in to it, the pumkin spice everything!  So for the love of pumpkin spice, why not show your love for fall by displaying these wooden, hand painted pumpkins around your house?  They would add a nice fall touch to any home decor.  Pick up some today!



Please reveiw the information below for sizing.  The pumpkins will be listed by size and description.

1. Small Teal- 3.125"T x 4"W

2.Dark Blue (circles)- 4"T x 4.5"W

3.Dark Blue (lines)- 4.125"T x 5"W

4. Medium Teal- 4.5"T x 5.75"W

5. Silver- 5.5"T x 6.5"W

6.White (leaves)- 5.5"T x 6.5"W 

7.Larger Teal- 6"T x 7"W

8.White (roses)- 6"T x 7"W

9.White (Sunflower)-6.5"T x 7.75"W

9 Piece hand painted wooden Pumpkins for fall decor

  • Please note, these are made to order and take about two days to make.  That is why we are only showing 2 in stock.  As an order is placed, the items will be made and the stock number will be replinished.  This is just so we can keep wait times as low as possible, and not become overwhelmed with orders.  Once you do place an order, it should ship in about 2 business days.  Thank you for your business!


    NOTE:  If you would like to place a large order, please contact us at Adam@reesecustoms.com so we can accomidate your needs!